When it comes to staging your Master Bedroom: think hotel bedroom.  You’re aiming for a feeling of quality comfort and relaxation.

To achieve this here are some pointers:

  • Make sure the most obvious room (usually the largest or has an en-suite) is used as a master bedroom
  • Take out anything that doesn’t belong in a master bedroom e.g. exercise equipment, kids toys, work stuff, ironing boards etc.
  • Remove any furniture that is crowding the room or in the way of space and flow. Depending on the size of the room, the bed, bedside tables and lamps plus a dressing table and maybe a chair is enough. Often bedrooms have a big wardrobe towering over the room. If this your room, the wardrobe has to go.
  • Show that you have adequate storage by going through your built in cupboards and removing and storing anything that you are not currently wearing including off season clothing. This is the time to have a good sort out. Remove everything from the floor and take away any storage solutions you have added, e.g. over-cupboard hangers as this gives the impression you were running out of space. Place everything back onto proper hangers and hang like you would see in a shop. I know this sounds crazy but the message you want is that “If I buy this house I will be able to maintain this level of order” (they won’t of course!)
  • Remove anything of a personal nature – from toiletries and medicines to family photos and framed certificates.  Bedrooms are often such personal spaces yet you want buyers to feel comfortable looking round your master bedroom and imagine themselves in bed there!
  • Have a look at your bed. Is it in the right position in the room, might it work better on another wall?
  • Make sure there are matching bedside tables and lamps to provide balance and a hotel feel.  If your lamps don’t match in height try standing the smaller one on a neat pile of books for a better visual balance.
  • Dress your bed like you see in the hotels with beautiful bedding, a throw laid over the bottom and cushions along with your pillows. Bed wraps are the modern day equivalent of the valance and give a finished, contemporary look to your bed. Don’t overdo the cushions – we’re aiming for a hotel not an interiors shop.  Buying new bedding is a relatively inexpensive action that will give you a good return on investment and you can take it and enjoy it in your new house.  The bedding needs to be fairly neutral but not boring – think of using tonal colours and texture.
  • To promote a feeling of happy relationships (and who wouldn’t want to buy into that!) only have 1 bed – twin beds really confuse buyers. However make sure there are pairs of things in the room – tables, lamps, artwork etc. to give the message of ‘couple’
  • Keep artwork fairly neutral and restful. Take any risque artwork down.
  • If you can find a quiet corner for a comfy chair, do so.
  • Most bedrooms have dimmed lighting but if you are showing your house at night you need to change the bulbs or add lighting to make the room lighter. Remember this is not how you live in your bedroom, but how you need to show it.
  • Paint the room if it needs it in calming neutrals. Don’t use wallpaper unless it is very neutral as wallpaper patterns are such a personal thing.
  • Use accessories carefully, again less is more – a couple of books, a flower in a small vase, a decorative bowl. Group them together for better effect. Groups of 3 at different heights always works well.
  • Keep anything of value such as watches and jewellery in a safe place.

And there you have it, a room fit for a hotel. Room service!